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                                                                                 My Story


Have you ever faced challenges so deep-rooted that you could not bring yourself to discuss them with anyone, even in the most intimate conversations? As an innately private person, I have walked that path, navigating personal and professional traumas, while presenting an image of resilience and strength to the world.  However, behind the façade, I battled fatigue, despair, disappointment, guilt from imposter syndrome and feelings of betrayal, drowning in the suffocating isolation that accompanied my struggles.

All of this left me shattered, isolated and utterly alone. I longed to reach out for help, confide in someone about the pain and turmoil raging inside me, but I was paralyzed by fear of exposing my vulnerability to a world that seemed relentless in their judgement of suffering. As a leader, the pressure to maintain an image of strength and competence only added to my burden.  It was a lonely and suffocating existence left me teetering on the verge of a major collapse. Multiple personal and workplace trauma pushed me under. I could not breathe so I hit rock bottom. In the midst of my darkest hour, a whisper from within broke through the darkness. “This is not God’s plan for you. God wants you whole.  Nothing missing. Nothing broken.”


With that spark of self-compassion, I embarked on a journey of reclaiming my power and embracing my vulnerability as my source of strength. I delved deep into my relationship with God and self. I began to peel back the layers of armor I had built around my heart, and allowing myself to feel the full spectrum of emotions, I had buried beneath the surface.

I learned that strength is not found in stoicism or silence but in the courage to lean into discomfort and embrace

the messy, beautiful complexity of being human, vulnerable and authentic. Through the support of my accountability

 partner (coach) self-care practices and an unwavering commitment to my healing journey, I emerged stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever before. I documented every step of my journey, leading to the creation of my “Pivot with Power’ Program – a fool proof road map for introverted women in leadership to pivot from life traumas and pivot with power.


Over six months of relentless dedication, I poured my unwavering commitment into writing, vigorously testing and meticulously refining this program to ensure its efficacy and reliability. I have witnessed transformation results.  Now I am thrilled to offer a guaranteed path of success to introverted women in leadership to recover from life traumas and pivot with power in less than 90 days.

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