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What We Do

Empower individuals and organizations to unlock their inherent potential and fulfil their divine purpose.

Who We Help

Faith- based introverted female leaders, career professionals, health practitioners and business owners,HR managers to unmask your pain, reconnect with your true self & pivot with power. 

Results are ONLY guaranteed if you 100% commit to put in the work, and take consistent actions to get the results you seek.

In the face of trauma you become vulnerable, but your vulnerability isn't a setback. its your superpower.


What Do You Gain From Your Efforts?

After a traumatic experience no one remains the same. Pivoting becomes necessary. You gain .....

  • clarity and confidence to embrace change

  • increased resilience

  • self knowledge and self awareness

  • motivation and courage to pursue your goals

  • new perspectives and insights on how to align your faith with your personal and professionals your

  •  A harmonious balance of self care, personal wellbeing, hope meaning and fulfillment from doing what you love.    

  • a supportive network and guidance to pivot boldly,

  • get  answers to adapt fearlessly, and rewrite your success story.

Your next triumph starts with a single pivot.  Let's leap into new possibilities together.

How Do I Really Help You?

I coach you by helping you to (a)Remove your pain. Many introverted, faith-based female leaders struggle to confront and express their hidden pain, leading to feelings of inadequacyand burnout. 

Through personalized coaching sessions, I help you unmask your pain by creating a safe and compassionate environment for self-exploration. Utilizing techniques such as emotional intelligence training and reflective practice, you will learn to acknowledge and articulate your struggles, allowing for genuine healing and growth.

 (b) Reconnect with self. Fulfilling leadership roles and responsibilities, introverted faith-based female leaders frequently lose touch with their true selves.

My coaching program emphasizes reconnecting with your authentic self through mindfulness practices, values clarification, and strengths-based development. By focusing on self-awareness and inner alignment, you will rediscover your core values and passions, empowering you to lead with renewed confidence and clarity.

(c) Pivot With Power. The fear of change and the unknown can be particularly paralyzing for introverted leaders, who may feel ill-equipped to navigate transitions with assertiveness and assurance. This hesitation can hinder personal and professional growth.

I guide you to pivot with power by developing resilience and adaptability skills. Through goal-setting, strategic planning, and leveraging your natural introspective strengths, you will learn to embrace change as an opportunity for transformation. This proactive approach will enable you to lead with conviction and inspire others with you.

 These targeted solutions are designed to help you transform pain into purpose, reconnect with your inner self, and navigate change with unwavering strength and grace.

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Group therapy
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Public Speaker

1:1 Coaching

The coaching process involves  self reflection and personal empowerment identifying needs, setting goals, creating an action plan, implementation and celebration.

Group Coaching & Mentorship 

 The coaching process provides support, shared learning, social network, diverse perspectives and  cost effective way to unlock your superpower and harness collective wisdom.

Leadership Consulting  & Training  

You receive insights and strategies to increase emotional intelligence, team engagement and participation, crisis and change management, strategic planning, build resilience, organizational success and thrive as a leader, 

Motivational Seminars/Workshops

Whether addressing a small or large group MTS Consulting and Coaching seminars are consistently motivating, inspiring,     confidence building, promote a positive mindset and have a life changing effect on participants.

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