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Are you ready to unmask your hidden pain, reconnect with your true self and pivot with power?

Utilize powerful new approaches top Christian life coaches use to empower their clients to reclaim their dignity and divine purpose with resilience and confidence.

Uncover the power strategies for becoming your best self, achieving more and stressing less.

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Hello there friend !

I'm Marcia Thomas 

Your transformation partner. 

I have been a Christian Leadership and Professional Life Coach for the last 8yrs, during which time I have helped  numerous

career professionals  navigate personal and professional

challenges and coached them towards the successful

attainment of their goals. 

Through my coaching services, I provide customized strategies and actionable insights aimed at bolstering leadership and life skills, over a few weeks or months. We engage in self reflection, answer difficult questions , build self knowledge and awareness, set goals, choose strategies, create and implement a personalized action plan.   

We meet weekly or fortnightly to achieve the desired outcomes.

With consistent actions you begin to evaluate and record your progress after only a few sessions. Plus,  I remain closely engaged, offering steadfast support throughout the entire process.

My overarching goal is to empower faith based introverted female leaders, career professionals and organizations to unlock their inherent potential and fulfil their divine purpose. 

 You are a best fit if you want to : transform challenges and uncertainties in your life, career and business into opportunities and pivot towards your story of accomplishment and triumph. 

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Unlock Your Potential: This is your chance to start   anew?  Book Today 

1:1 Coaching

Show up for yourself. Get help to live your best life.

Group therapy

Group Coaching & Mentorship 

Get community support, insights and strategies to unlock your superpower and harness collective wisdom.

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Leadership Consulting & Training  

Gain clarity, actionable steps and vision of the purpose and movement at the heart of your success. 

Public Speaker

Motivational Workshops/Seminars

Participate in small & large group motivational seminars/workshops  designed to make you achieve more and stress less

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