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Balance Support for Others with Personal Wellbeing

Scripture: Mark 6:31


While supporting others is a noble aspect of leadership, it's crucial to strike a balance between serving others and caring for oneself. Leaders need to prioritize their own well-being to sustain their ability to support and empower others effectively.


Reflect on moments when focusing on others' needs affected your personal well-being. How did it impact your ability to lead effectively?

Action Steps

  1. Set Boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to ensure adequate time for self-care amidst supporting others.

  2. Practice Self-Compassion: Engage in activities that rejuvenate and restore your energy, such as meditation, hobbies, or exercise.

  3. Seek Support: Don't hesitate to seek support or delegate tasks when feeling overwhelmed. Recognize that taking care of yourself allows you to better care for others.

Prayer: "Lord, grant me the wisdom to balance supporting others with caring for my own well-being. Help me prioritize self-care without neglecting my responsibilities. Guide me in leading with a healthy heart and mind. Amen."

Writer: Dr. Marcia Thomas. Christian Leadership Consultant | Christian Life Coach | Author | Motivational Speaker

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